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Hannah Staton was born and raised in Thailand, where she began dancing at her local studio and further sought exploration in freestyle movement. She attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts’ (UNCSA) Summer Intensive in 2016, where her movement vocabulary expanded. She was accepted into UNCSA’s highschool program for her senior year. Hannah has trained under various artists, such as, Juel D. Lane, Kira Blazek-Ziaii, Wesley Williams, Ming-Lung Yang, Abigail Yager, Brenda Daniels, Sean Sullivan, Maurizio Nardi, and others. Once granted the Kenan Scholarship for HS, she continued into the college program and received her BFA degree in May of 2021. The scholarship allowed her to explore various summer intensives in New York, including Doug Varone, Martha Graham, Elisa Monte, Vim Vigor, and MELT. Hannah has performed works by Robert Battle, Martha Graham, Larry Keigwin, Gaspard Louis, Merce Cunningham, José Limón, and others. After graduation, she was a part of SUAH African Dance Theatre before moving to Dallas, Texas to be a part of Zion Dance Project’s nine-month Residency Program. Hannah continues to explore various movement styles, while teaching locally and sharing her passion of dance with the community.

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