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Our Performance Company is the perfect opportunity for rising elementary school girls to learn how to be part of a team but without the pressure of competitions. Performance Company members practice together on a weekly basis and perform at local community events. These groups have made appearances at events such as Highland Park High School basketball games, Christmas tree lightings, HP Village LOCAL, elementary school carnivals and fundraisers, Chi Omega Christmas Market, assisted living homes, and more.



We are now accepting registrations for 2022-2023 Performance Company! The deadline for registration is July 1, 2022. Please e-mail the office to receive the online registration form.


There is no tryout for Performance Company.  This is a commitment for one entire school year (August 2022-May 2023). We will not add new members after the registration deadline.


Performance Company members are required to attend a one hour practice every week, one hour of ballet per week, and one hour of jazz per week. Members will also perform at 2-3 events per semester (some weeknights and some weekends).


Participation in Performance Company is $500 each semester paid in two separate installments. In addition to Company tuition, members will also pay the normal rate for their required ballet and jazz classes. Members will also purchase performance attire and costumes (approximately $150). Cost to register is $50.



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