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April 26, 2022 UPDATE

Updates have just gone out via email regarding: 

  • Costume pick-up

  • Costume instructions

  • Day-of arrival and check-in

  • Parking

  • Photo shoots

  • Volunteer needs

Check your inboxes for all of these details, and contact if you cannot find the email.


Feb 24, 2022 UPDATE

We are thrilled to announce that our 1st Annual Recital will take place as a fun-filled two-night event at the beautiful Eisemann Center! Mark your calendars for May 5-6, 2022! Each recital class will perform at just one of the two nights, but both nights will feature special appearances by our competition teams.


All classes for Pre-K through 4th grade will have performance in the Recital. In addition to these, we'll also have special appearances by our competition teams as well as our 3rd-4th Grade Performance Company. 


  • Monday 12:45pm Tiny Ballet & Jazz (3-4 year-olds)

  • Monday 4:00pm Jazz & Hip Hop 1

  • Monday 4:00pm Jazz, Turns, & Leaps 2

  • Tuesday 10:45am Tiny Ballet & Jazz (3 year-olds)

  • Tuesday 1:00pm Tiny Ballet & Jazz (3-4 years)

  • Tuesday 4:00pm Bradfield Jazz & Hip Hop

  • Tuesday 4:00pm Jazz & Hip Hop 2

  • Tuesday 5:00pm Ballet 2

  • Wednesday 10:00am Tiny Ballet & Jazz (2-3 year-olds)

  • Wednesday 1:00pm Providence Ballet & Jazz

  • Wednesday 4:00pm Jazz & Ballet (K-1st)

  • Wednesday 4:00pm Jazz, Turns, & Leaps 2

  • Thursday 3:00pm Ballet & Jazz Combo (4-5 year-olds)

  • Thursday 4:00pm Ballet 2

  • Thursday 4:00pm Jazz & Hip Hop 1


Costumes will be ordered for all of the dancers in each recital class. The only exception will be for a dancer that has notified the office in writing that they will be opting out of the recital (email is fine). You must give us written notification before March 1, otherwise your costume will be ordered, and you will be charged.

Note: Even it you can't make the show on May 5-6, you CAN still join in with your friends in ordering the costume! If you are opting OUT of dancing in the recital, when you notify the office in writing, let us know YES or NO if you still want us to order you a costume. You WILL still have the chance to participate in the year-end photo shoots!

Costume fee is $90 per costume. Costume fees as well as recital fees ($75 per dancer) will be added to Session 4 tuition balances that are due Thursday, March 10. Once the costume is ordered, there are no refunds. If the costume is ordered and the dancer decides after March 1 to not participate in the recital there will still not be a refund.

More details to come!

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