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Small group lessons are a fantastic option for students interested in a full hour of intense, focused instruction in a setting smaller than a technique class.You can view the full calendar of available days and times online on your HP Dance account.

Each lesson is $60 and lasts one hour. Payments are made to the studio (not to the specific instructor). Sign up for as many lessons as you're available for, and we will cap each lesson at four students. 


Login to your HP Dance account

- Click "Enroll in a Class" 

- Choose the season: "Summer 2020 Small Group Lessons."  

- Click on any lessons you are available for and would like to attend

You'll notice online that green lessons have available spots, and red lessons are full. If you're interested in a lesson that is currently full, click on it, and you will automatically be added to the waiting list in case someone cancels. Feel free to add your name to as many waiting lists as you would like, as there is often a lot of movement due to cancellations. Keep checking the lesson sign-up page regularly for openings.

Lastly, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for these small groups lessons. You must give at least 24 hours written notice if you will not be attending any of your lessons, otherwise you will be charged full price.

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