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2020-2021 Team Tryout Updates

Team Tryouts Due to the Shelter-In-Place closure this spring semester, our Competition Team tryouts for 2020-2021 (previously scheduled to take place May 9 and May 16) are being postponed to a later date in order to give prospective team members more time to prepare. Team tryouts will take place August 17-19, right before the beginning of the school year. Taking place during those days will be choreography teaching, tryouts, team meeting, and fittings, so please keep those days as wide open as possible. Dancers who will be in 4th grade and older during the 2020-2021 school year are eligible to tryout. In the coming days, we will release our updated Competition Team Tryout Procedures and Team Expectations packet that will reflect the adjusted tryout timeline. This packet discusses every detail of the tryout process and the team commitment.

Solo & Duet Tryouts While team placement will take place at the end of this summer, in the meantime, however, we are now accepting submissions from individuals who are interested in competing a solo or duet for the 2020-2021 season. The option to represent HP Dance Co. as a solo or duet is open only to those who will also be participating in team for 2020-2021. Those interested in competing a solo or duet next season should email us a clear, quality video of you performing at least 1-minute of choreography by yourself. A jazz routine from a previous competition season or Belles Prep class will suffice.

Record horizontally wearing dance attire and footwear allowing for dance performance. Costumes and/or competition make-up are not necessary. Check carefully that your space is adequate for the safe execution of your dance performance. Most phone cameras produce a quality recording. For best results, go to: Settings>Camera> and set to record video at 1080p/30fps.

If you are interested in competing a duet, still submit a video of you dancing by yourself, since the judging criteria for solos and duets is the same. For solos and duets alike, the judges will be evaluating technique, stamina, and most importantly performance quality (posture, projection, smile, etc.). The individuals who are selected to compete a solo/duet will be notified via email within 1-2 weeks after your submission. The deadline to submit your solo and/or duet videos is August 15, 2020.

If selected, all solos/duets must have their competition choreography and costume choices approved by Casey Sinclair. Solos/duets must provide another video of themselves doing their competition choreography and a photo of their costume and receive approval in writing before proceeding. Solos/duets should have these two items finalized and approved by the end of summer or in early fall of 2020. All solos/duets will be required to wear BODY TIGHTS with whatever costume they choose. HP Dance Co. reserves the right to require modifications to costumes and/or choreography as we see best fit and most appropriate.

Not everyone who auditions is guaranteed an invitation to join a team, nor is every team member guaranteed a solo/duet. Dancers must be able to execute skills and dance movements at an appropriate level for their age group.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions. Be on the lookout for our Competition Team Tryout Procedures and Team Expectations packet that will be released soon.

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