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Classes Begin Monday, August 23

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We're just DAYS away from the beginning of the semester! As you begin to get set for fall, here are some of your most asked questions answered.

When do we start?

The first week of classes is August 23-27. You can find all of our important dates including holidays, closures, tuition due dates, etc. on our 2021-2022 Calendar.

What is the attire?

You can read all of our dress code requirements here. Summary:

Tinies (2-6)

  • Leotard (any color)

  • Ballet tights (pink or white)

  • Ballet shoes

  • Hair secured away from face

1st-12th Ballet classes

  • Leotard (black)

  • Ballet tights (pink)

  • Ballet shoes

  • Hair secured in a bun

All other 1st-12th classes

  • Active tank or tee

  • Active leggings or dance shorts

  • Preferred turning footwear**

  • Hair secured away from face

Guidelines for all students:

Please do not wear:

  • Street clothes

  • Baggy t-shirts

  • Crop tops

  • Jeans

  • Loose running shorts

  • Sandals

**When it comes to turning footwear, many young, elementary-age students tend to prefer a "jazz shoe," and middle school students and older tend to prefer a Pirouette, AKA "half-shoe."

All students are required to wear real shoes and cover-ups when travelling to and from the studio (no bare feet when entering or leaving the building).

Where are you located?

Our mailing address is 8300 Douglas Ave. Suite 150, but our front entrance faces Luther Lane. We are sandwiched between Dave Perry Miller and HSTX Title, across the street from The GEM. Enter the small garage under our big blue, HP Dance Co. awning, and you'll see our front door!

Where do I park?

You are not required to park and walk your daughter inside (most people let out on the front steps), but if you would like, you may park in any space that isn't reserved for Dave Perry Miller or HSTX Title. There are some blank spaces and some HPDC spaces at the far east end of our small garage as well as on the entrance ramp. You may also park in the large garage in the middle of Preston Center, just a short walk from our space.

Is there a carpool lane?

Yes! Carpool drop-off and pick-up cars line up in the alley west of our entrance. Carpool cars may not block any parked vehicles in the garage, otherwise building security may ask you to move in order to clear a path which would mean you would lose your spot in line :( Please utilize the alley space and Luther Ln. to wait until your daughter's class lets out.

When do I pay?

Mark these due dates on your calendar before you forget:

  • Session 1: August 26

  • Session 2: October 21

  • Session 3: January 6

  • Session 4: March 10

How do I pay?

Once your fall balance appears online (August 23), you may pay with cash/check at the studio or you may pay online with a card (add'l 3% fee). Store your card on file if you want to make automatic payments on the due dates. There is a late fee of $25 each week your balance goes unpaid.

Is there a recital?

At the end of the fall semester, parents will get a chance to watch their daughters during our Fall Show-Off Week in the studio. Parents and loved-ones are invited to watch the last class of the semester before we break for Christmas.

At the end of the spring semester, we are holding our First Annual Recital! Students in Pre-K through 4th grade as well as our competition teams will take the stage in costume this May 2022. More details to come!

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