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What is Competition Team Tryout Prep?

What is Competition Team?

At HP Dance, we love developing and training young dancers as members of teams. It's one of the most important aspects of what we do. Not only is serving on a competition team the best way to prepare dancers for the high expectations required for high school drill team, but our competition team experience is also one of the very best ways to grow in vital life skills such as character, leadership, work ethic, integrity, and of course, teamwork.

​Our competition teams are made up of 4th-8th graders who practice rigorously throughout the school year and then compete at 3-5 drill team competitions across Texas each February and March. Each year we usually have around 4-6 different teams, but there isn’t a predetermined number of teams, nor is there a predetermined quota, or number of “spots” available on any given team. The qualified dancers who tryout are grouped and separated into different teams based on ability level.

What is the time commitment for those on team?

During the school year, between all the practices and technique classes that are required, team members spend about 7-10 hours per week training at the studio (varies depending on how many routines the dancer is competing). This schedule is relaxed once competition season is over (early March).

Who is eligible to tryout this coming go-round?

Dancers who will be in 4th-8th grade for the 2023-2024 school year.

What is the “Competition Team Tryout Prep” class that’s being offered this Spring 2023?

This weekly class is designed to be the #1 resource for those who are curious about possibly trying out to be on team for their 4th or 5th grade year in 2023-2024. Led by current team Directors, prospective team members in this class will be guided through all the dance styles, technique, and skills relevant to the tryouts that will take place at the end of the 2023 semester. The class is not a prerequisite to tryout, and you can take the class without committing to tryout in May. This class will meet all the way up until tryouts. You can register for this class online through your normal HP Dance Co. account.

What does the Competition Team timeline look like?

Spring 2023

Attend weekly Team Prep class (optional but strongly recommended)

May 2023

Tryouts; 2-day process (one day to learn tryout dance, another day to dance in front of judges); Team placement results announced before school is out

Summer 2023

All team members are required to attend at least 2 dance camps

Fall 2023

Required technique classes every week, mandatory weekly practices, and one mandatory weekend practice per month

January-March 2024

Required technique classes every week, mandatory weekly practices, mandatory weekend practices, weekend competitions (one will be out of town)

March-May 2024

Off-season; Banquet, photo shoot, feet painting, recital, etc. Tryouts for 2024-2025 season

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